Jadon: Animals…get treated better

My name is Jadon, and I’m currently here at MSDF for the reason of missing one appointment and received a 75 day sanction after already waiting 10 days before I got the sanction.

Before I was incarcerated, I constantly called my PO agent explaining I’m trying to reschedule my appointment and that I had a job interview with General Mills through a temp service. But I couldn’t go because I didn’t want to get hired and get arrested on the job when my agent found out about the job. She never got back with me and went on leave, leaving me with another agent who gave me the sanction and made me do it here [MSDF].

My experience at MSDF: animals get treated better than us

In one word, my experience here was/is terrible. Animals at a Humane Society get treated better than us. We’re locked down for 20 hours with no contact with the outside world unless we watch the news or are blessed to be able to get on the phone and ask family members how does it look outside or how does it feel.

It’s not safe here. I’ve witnessed four inmates jump on another inmate and brutally beat him as a correctional officer stood and watched, trying to put on gloves instead of trying to break up the fight. Another issue we have on this 8th floor at MSDF is mold in the shower. It’s unclean here, and a health hazard.

No help from no one here. No information about help of any sort.

“Education and knowledge are key for a new start.”

“You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you never take!”

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