James: My family struggles

Before I came to MSDF I was working between 60 and 80 hours a week at a recycling center as a heavy machine operator. I was bringing home $2,000 each paycheck.

I’m married to a wonderful woman with our six kids at home. She now is stretching every dollar to keep food in the house and rent paid.

I was sent to MSDF for a PO hold that was placed for a reason that has never been openly established. I was held for tickets from when I got pulled over because of my PO hold. My car was impounded, and because of agent’s delay in speaking with me, I lost my car as well as thousands of dollars worth of clothes and shoes purchased for my kids.

I’m now waiting for placement in a halfway house that was ordered for marijuana use although I’ve had no dirty U.A.s. It has been a full two months I’ve been here and still have received no bed date while my family struggles.

I’m still serving my sentence from the 1990s when I was given 12 years, almost 20 years later. This prison is overcrowded and medical staff takes their time to deal with us. I waited two months to see a doctor with a torn rotator cuff. X-rays and MRIs have been ordered, but even the doctor said she didn’t know how long it would be before they would be done. And very little has been done to ease my pain. I’m in a room with two others guys, on a top bunk, when I was ordered to a lower bunk by the doctor.


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