Ramerro: I can barely breathe throughout the night

Mark: 17 people have died at MSDF….I was almost one of them

Danny: MSDF is the worst possible place

Charles says MSDF gives him hardly enough food to sustain an adult

Alan recalls MSDF experience with wit and disdain

Joshua: This place kind of makes you lose your mind

Devante: Handcuffed everywhere we go

Carlos: This is not for humans

James: No sunlight, outdoor rec or even fresh air

Mario: It’s time to wake up Milwaukee

Mark on life in MSDF: It’s been hell

Henry: I got jumped and brutally beaten

Cedric: Fix it or demolish it

Deon: No medication and sleeping on the floor

Dontez: My experience of MSDF

Boston: MSDF is unsanitary and unliveable

Antonio: Denied opportunity

Christopher: What are they really trying to accomplish here?

Kermit: Stop this madaness

Kyle’s please for help turns his life upside-down

Kalvin: 3 people to a cell can’t be legal

Jermaine: You feel less than human

James: Induced stress, cruel and unjustified treatment

James: My family struggles

Dieon: My life after incarceration

Patrick knows prisons. He says MSDF is bad

Benjamin: I lost everything

Bobby: We don’t know if the sun is up or down

Laderion: It causes pain and suffering

Fercardo: Treated like a caged animal

Sharyl: My son lost a little bit of his soul

Larry: I died in that building

Leonard: It’s all about some money

Terrence: No one in my corner

Benjamin’s experience of being a black man in Milwaukee

Chad: Grandma died while in prison

Roy: Let’s put an end to wrongful treatment in MSDF

Anthony: MSDF not fit for animals

Shawn: Use my story to help others

Avery: This is my ordeal

Aquinas: Operates like a super Max

Abraham: Living on a bracelet

Randall: MSDF is a devilish hellhole

MSDF inmate Evan ready for change

Michael: I couldn’t breathe

Allen sits in jail while allegation investigated, uploaded October 2017

Demarcus, uploaded October 2017

Mark fights to change Wisconsin criminal justice system, uploaded October 2017

John: Crimeless revocation destroys lives, uploaded October 2017

Trevell put in solitary after GSW surgery, uploaded October 2017

Alan: We must close the high-rise prison in heart of Milwaukee, uploaded October 2017

Notes from Jamal April 2017, uploaded September 2017.

Kentray’s story from inside MSDF, uploaded October 2017

Shirley: It’s like being in a box, uploaded October 2017

Ventae: MSDF must be closed, uploaded October 2017

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