Attend a Picket

Since March of 2017, the #CLOSEmsdf campaign has held an informal picket oustide either the Milwaukee County Courthouse or MSDF.

december picketWe meet on or around the 23rd of every month to call attention to the 23 hours a day that prisoners are locked inside of their cells.
Check the #CLOSEmsdf Facebook page for the time and date of the next picket.

Why do we picket?

  1. To educate people on the inhumane conditions at MSDF
  2. To memorialize the 18 people who have died in MSDF since it opened.
  3. To let WI taxpayers know that each day someone spends in MSDF for a crimeless rule violation it costs us $100.84 vs $40 to treat that person in the community where their job, housing & support systems stay secure.
  4. Former Governor Tommy Thompson has said building MSDF was a mistake. It’s time the state corrects that error.

The National Religious Campaign Against Torture has called for actions on the 23rd of every month (to bring attention to 23 hour a day lockdowns).

Next Picket:

May 23, 2019

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