Cedric: Fix it or demolish the place

Being held in M.S.D.F. is a joke. They don’t ever follow the rules printed down in the handbook but they want you to abide by the rules. A couple of years ago I saw an inmate bleeding and begging for help, but the sergeant that was on duty was acting like a rookie, not knowing what to do and getting paid $19-$20 an hour…for what?

I’ve been sleeping on the same pillow cases and sheets for weeks. Something needs to be done or demolish the place. I had a real nice job being a forklift operator making $13 an hour and had an apartment. Now I am revoked, stuck in M.S.D.F.

Jermaine: You feel less than human

My name is Jermaine. I was working and going to school online and trying to get myself and home together, while also trying to establish a better relationship with my children. Just being released from prison Feb. 14, 2017, put a strain on my relationship with the woman that I want so badly to marry. She has been in my corner every step of the way since we’ve been together. I’ve made mistakes with my using of drugs and got locked back up. I asked my PO for help and he said yes, but later came with revocation of my 11 months till discharge.

MSDF experience terrible

My experience at MSDF has been a terrible one. I’ve asked for help on different matters that can help me to better myself, with programs and treatments. The staff don’t answer requests, and when you see them they say write a request and send it to them (it’s never answered). Continue reading “Jermaine: You feel less than human”

Jadon: Animals…get treated better

My name is Jadon, and I’m currently here at MSDF for the reason of missing one appointment and received a 75 day sanction after already waiting 10 days before I got the sanction.

Before I was incarcerated, I constantly called my PO agent explaining I’m trying to reschedule my appointment and that I had a job interview with General Mills through a temp service. But I couldn’t go because I didn’t want to get hired and get arrested on the job when my agent found out about the job. She never got back with me and went on leave, leaving me with another agent who gave me the sanction and made me do it here [MSDF]. Continue reading “Jadon: Animals…get treated better”

Dieon: My life after incarceration

Hello, my name is Dieon. I was sentenced to 30 months for an armed robbery in 2014. I was sent to a correctional facility to serve my 30 months. I also had 24 months on extended supervision.

I was released from prison May 17, 2016. After I released from the correctional facility, things started off pretty smooth. I had family support and things of that nature. As far as working, I was doing 12 hour shifts for Quad Graphics getting paid every week. I finally saved up enough money to buy a 2004 Chevy Impala. I also saved some money to get a one bedroom apartment with my girlfriend.

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Laderion: It causes pain and suffering

My name is Laderion, and I am an inmate at MSDF, and have been since June 4, 2017. I’ve been revoked already for 2 years of my extended supervision. But I am awaiting my appeal decision. …

I was revoked for two allegations (having access to a firearm) and possession of drug paraphernalia with a digital scale. The firearm was owned by my cousin, who was licensed to carry a firearm because he had a carry conceal permit. By law, he was permitted to carry a gun and he told my PO and the administrative law judge that I had no knowledge of him having, owning or secretly placing his gun in his vehicle.

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Fercardo: Treated like a caged animal

My time being incarcerated at MSDF has not been great. I try to look at the situation from a different perspective. I know that I put myself in this place. When you do wrong, you have to face the consequences. We don’t want to be locked up for crazy stuff. You have to take this time out to better yourself in all aspects.

We be so frustrated at times, cause we messing up. We missing our loved ones. I have four kids to support. I have another chance to get it right and I’m thankful.

Entered jail on ticket, left with felonies

We just don’t hurt ourselves, we hurt others. I’ve been treated very unfairly, like a caged animal. I have two spitting cases, where I spit on two correctional officers, because they were mistreating. I had snapped out. I caught my cases inside of a jail. I came to jail on a ticket. I left with felonies. …I want to be a man of good things. That’s why I read my Bible. Not everybody who’s locked up are bad people. I really don’t have nothing against COs (correctional officers). Some COs encourage you to do good. Some try to make you hurt them. I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. I put my situation in God’s hands. I just came to MSDF for getting into a fight that could have been avoided. I think everything happens for a reason. God wants me to get it right. I’m willing to sacrifice things that I like. We be so caught up in those streets. I am appreciative that you guys are trying to help us. I will bagg you guys up. I thank you EXPO members.

Leonard: It’s all about some money

I’d like to start off by saying I was incarcerated for some time here at MSDF. I don’t like it one bit. I’m here because my agent put a no contact on me and my wife. It’s very difficult to not be around someone you love and going to be with for the rest of your life. I was at home when the police came to our home about a DV. There was no DV going on. It was already hard for me as a black male being released from jail on probation. I tried to get a job but no luck. Never even got an interview. Continue reading “Leonard: It’s all about some money”

Larry: I died in that building

I am afraid. Afraid of a system that would support such harsh conditions at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF). I am further hopeful that a system that promotes rehabilitation will find a way to rehabilitate its own justifications for depriving men and women of equality and fair treatment. When it comes to speaking about MSDF, I died in that building. I have yet to be the same person I was.


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In memory: James E. Wilborn, 1953-2015

James E. Wilborn died in MSDF in 2015 due to heat exhaustion

Here’s his story, from the Table of the Saints

James E. Wilborn Was on the board of directors of the Table of the Saints, Milwaukee, and its Intercessor/Prayer Warrior. He was born in 1953 in Mississippi, grew up in Chicago, and came to Milwaukee at age 45 in ’93 as a member of a Christian ministry of bible disciples, Victory Outreach, a world-wide organization. But, he said, he was a member only intellectually, with his head, not his heart. Feeling unfulfilled by his work, he quit and wound up living in the streets for five years, succumbing to drug addiction. He was arrested and convicted for delivering illegal substances and ended up in prison from1995 to ’98. Once free, he fell into old habits, again a full-blown addict. Two years later, he committed a “strong-armed robbery” to feed his habit and received a six-year prison sentence, 2000 to 2008. Continue reading “In memory: James E. Wilborn, 1953-2015”