Benjamin: I lost everything

My name is Benjamin. I am currently at MSDF. My release date is tomorrow 9/27/2017. I was charged with a felony possession of fire arm in March of 2016. I was never charged with any felony beforehand. I was given 2 years probation with 5 years stayed if I messed up on probation. I served 6 months condition time for this case.

Life was beginning to come back together

When I was released from HOC [house of corrections] for the 6 months condition time, life was beginning to come back together. I got my job back, my own place, more clothes a new pet kitten named (Winter) RIP and money saved up for a bigger place. Life was great. I never used drugs or drank. I always went to all of my appointments that my PO told me to go to and stayed at work.

Held on allegations

On June 20th I went to go see my PO. She told me she wanted to drop me for a UA [urine analysis]… So I’m clean, so I went with no worries. When I got there, to my PO office, I was put in handcuffs and taken to MSDF. She told me I was being held on allegations, with no written statement from the witness. She asked me if I sold K-Z. I said yes but not during the time I was on probation. They gave me a 90 day sanction.

‘I lost everything…my cat died’

I lost everything. [My PO] even gave my property away containing my driver’s license and my social security card. She took my job away and said I could not reside in my own home so I lost my $, my cat died and I lost all the things I worked hard for.

‘I wanted to kill myself’

I don’t know what to do. At times I wanted to kill myself. This is not right. I hate Milwaukee. I hate being a black man in Milwaukee. But I will be strong and bounce back no matter what.


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