Bobby: We don’t know if the sun is up or down

My experience at this facility is messed up because of all the bullshit you have to go through just to do your time and to be free again. While other things are going on, your mind, your emotions are high. You pray and hope that your friends and family are o.k. and that nothing bad happened to  them or you have to hear it all over the news.

[In MSDF] everybody is watching everybody… gossip… look in your room trying to sneaky, etc., 24/7 all day, everyday for their  sick twisted games or to be noisy. Then if you get into  a fight here in the facility because of someone else’s bullshit, your going to the hole or catch a case. Then your time here is extended all because of the bullshit game they try to play with you.

I’m in the cell with someone. All he wants to do is lay down and act like he’s asleep and if he’s not doing that he’s keeping up some kind of noise just to get my attention. … But if you ask to be removed from the cell to avoid conflict, … you get a ticket and a conduct report on your card. Then while you are in the dayroom you are constantly sitting, not doing  nothing else but watch TV, talking,  play dominoes, play chess and cards…. You can’t do nothing to better yourself like you want to. They got few items here and there just to get you started and then you have to keep asking the C.O. for everything you want. Again so they will lie to you or are too lazy to get up and look. If this is a rehabilitation facility that’s designed on making you a better person, then why is there a lot of people here on bullshit allegations, probation violation. etc. and all we are doing is sitting around and not doing a damn thing….

‘We don’t know if the sun is up or down’

I’m not saying to make this a hotel resort but at least make it to where we are doing something constructive while we are waiting here. And put some windows in these cells so we can look out to see the outside or just sit and chill out while looking outside. We don’t know what the weather is like or if the sun is up or down. We are so trapped in here I’m starting to feel like a caged animal.

One last thing: the guards here. Some of them do their job  and some are assholes. They play  favor to specific individuals, allow them out of the cell, doing different things and not saying nothing to them.

P.S. Before I forget, why can’t we have single cells like it was  intended from the jump.

In closing it is all kind of bullshit  to me as an individual. So if you are going to do something, make it better for the people who want to better themselves. Don’t make it about the money. Help those who want a life vs those who don’t!

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