Laderion: It causes pain and suffering

My name is Laderion, and I am an inmate at MSDF, and have been since June 4, 2017. I’ve been revoked already for 2 years of my extended supervision. But I am awaiting my appeal decision. …

I was revoked for two allegations (having access to a firearm) and possession of drug paraphernalia with a digital scale. The firearm was owned by my cousin, who was licensed to carry a firearm because he had a carry conceal permit. By law, he was permitted to carry a gun and he told my PO and the administrative law judge that I had no knowledge of him having, owning or secretly placing his gun in his vehicle.

The day of the arrest they threw out the drug paraphernalia digital scale….My cousin came to the hearing and told them that the allegation of having access to a firearm was false because he told them I had no knowledge of him having his firearm on him that day.

I was never considered as sanction, ATR or another chance of alternative to revocation.

And before this I never had complaints while on supervision. I never missed an office visit. I never missed a home visit. I never had a dirty UA. I kept a stable residence. I never had any police contact. I was awaiting on my disability and my SSI to get approved while out there and they finally approved it. But since I’m incarcerated, I’ll have to start all over again. That’s also including my schooling, my job and losing my grandma and my cousin and best friend since I’ve been here at MSDF.

Living conditions

This living environment is not healthy at all. Three men to a cell, they don’t give us enough dayroom. They don’t react to our health conditions, especially mine because I have a bullet in my head and I have seizures and sickle cell, and they don’t give me my physical therapy. They’re taking money that should not be taken. They don’t feed you enough. They don’t follow rules, and the COs here are very disrespectful. It causes pain and suffering and emotional distress and depression.

No new crime

I left Green Bay Correctional Institution 11-8-2016, and was out all the way until June 2, 2017 with no problem and was never given another chance for freedom. I had no new criminal charges or nothing else pending and they still revoked me for 2 years and they have me on the high risk unit while at MSDF awaiting my appeal.

So with this being said, we need to find a change and close down MSDF for all brothers and sisters like me.

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