Fercardo: Treated like a caged animal

My time being incarcerated at MSDF has not been great. I try to look at the situation from a different perspective. I know that I put myself in this place. When you do wrong, you have to face the consequences. We don’t want to be locked up for crazy stuff. You have to take this time out to better yourself in all aspects.

We be so frustrated at times, cause we messing up. We missing our loved ones. I have four kids to support. I have another chance to get it right and I’m thankful.

Entered jail on ticket, left with felonies

We just don’t hurt ourselves, we hurt others. I’ve been treated very unfairly, like a caged animal. I have two spitting cases, where I spit on two correctional officers, because they were mistreating. I had snapped out. I caught my cases inside of a jail. I came to jail on a ticket. I left with felonies. …I want to be a man of good things. That’s why I read my Bible. Not everybody who’s locked up are bad people. I really don’t have nothing against COs (correctional officers). Some COs encourage you to do good. Some try to make you hurt them. I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. I put my situation in God’s hands. I just came to MSDF for getting into a fight that could have been avoided. I think everything happens for a reason. God wants me to get it right. I’m willing to sacrifice things that I like. We be so caught up in those streets. I am appreciative that you guys are trying to help us. I will bagg you guys up. I thank you EXPO members.

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