Joshua: This place kind of makes you lose your mind

The first time my agent locked me up was for a money violation around May 2017. I had a couple hundred dollars around. Second time he locked me up is the situation I’m in now, being revocated for alleged violations. They gave me 2 years 4 months and 28 days. And I haven’t had no case, just allegations

Being locked up in MSDF is not a good experience. This place is run like a max. We’re always locked in and they feed you like you’re a toddler. It if wasn’t for the canteen, you’d starve. You get no sunlight. It’s a building inside of a building. No fresh air, just recycled air.

They treat you like you’re not human at all. You’ve got to be on a certain floor just to get TVs, fans, your personal clothes, etc. In the summertime, it’s no place to be. The walls sweat. They don’t have the a/c on. Warm air blows out of the vents.  MSDF is not a place to do any time. They got training days where you’re locked in all day, I mean literally 24 hours.

The good thing about being out [of MSDF] was being back with my family, friends, and loved ones and spending time with them. The slow part was trying to get everything I needed done for my parole officer – get a job, sign up for school, and other tasks he wanted me to do in two weeks and by the next time I see him.

I’ve lost my freedom, time with my family and loved ones. I’m losing hair just by being in this place. This place kind of makes you lose your mind at times.

2 thoughts on “Joshua: This place kind of makes you lose your mind

  1. whiskeyandmerlot March 18, 2018 — 2:25 am

    What’s MSDF?


    1. Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility

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