Devante: Handcuffed everywhere we go

My experience being locked up in MSDF has been hard because we don’t get fresh air, we can’t move around off the unit. We get handcuffed everywhere we go. Each floor gets treated differently. I feel we should get equal treatment. If this is supposed to be a prison, then everybody should be able to get TV, radio, clothes(grays), shoes, etc. Not just the ninth floor. 

Since being in MSDF, I’ve lost my mother, lost my family members. I’ve lost out on being in my kids’ lives. I’ve lost money, car, house, clothes….a lot.

It’s hard trying to start over. I had good things going on and it just gets snatched away from you with the snap of a finger. I was on a bracelet/house arrest. This gives limited time for me to go out and try to look for a job. I had to be in early.

My agent told me to stay out of high crime areas. But no matter where you go now-a-days, everywhere has high crime activities going on. I can also get in trouble for getting in the car with someone who has a CCW (concealed carry weapon) permit. By my just being around them, that’s considered access to a firearm.


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