Patrick knows prisons. He says MSDF is bad

My name is Patrick and I started doing time March of 1995. I was 15 years of age and I haven’t had a break in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, since. I was convicted of strong arm robbery and was sentenced to a year in Ethan Allen School. The experience was horrible, all I learned was how to gang bang, fight and get over on people. Not one time was my mental health or drug problem addressed. I got out 1996.

I caught another case, possession of dangerous weapon by a child. Had to do six months back at Wales and after that at the age of sixteen I had to go to the house of correction. Once released I had to do nine months probation. My experience at the house of correction at a very young age was the worst. Basically I was taught by the older guys to be a better criminal. They kept me with the drugs, and I sold drugs in the house of correction. I was on the gang count. It was fun to me because jail was boring. There was nothing to do in there. I got out in three weeks based on good behavior. I did on the outs what I was taught in jail – sell drugs, steal, lie and get over on any and every body.

A child in prison, yet no rehabilitation, no education

I caught another case (armed robbery) February 1997. I took my money back from a cab driver. He had a pocketful of money and all I wanted was my 5 dollars. I called for a cab. He wanted 5 dollars in advance. We get to the next block. The car hit a bump and the meter jumped to 15 dollars. An argument came along. I demanded my money back. Long story short, he told the officers that I robbed him for 5 dollars. I got 8 years in prison. At the age of 17. I did 5 and a half years in a Wisconsin prison system, still no rehabilitation, no education.

 They sent me home with nothing

They sent me home with nothing and to nothing. On top of that my time in prison was pure hell. After that jail stint, with a few kids I wanted better for myself, so I can take care of my kids. So I maintained my liberty from 2002 to 2004, and here’s when my life turned for the worst – my first experience with MSDF.

My first experience with MSDF

I couldn’t believe how horrible the conditions were there. As soon as I came in I went straight to a boat [plastic placed on the cell floor to serve as a bed]. It’s medically determined that I have back problems (lumbar). My right heel was cut off by a lawnmower, which limits me from a lot of things, especially getting up and down on the floor. With my condition I also use a back brace and cane. But do you think MSDF cared? No. They were aware of my conditions, but the only solutions to my problem was, “You’re not going to be on the floor for long.” Well another lie. I was on the floor for 8 long days. It was so bad (the living conditions), I made it off papers and tried my best to stay away from MSDF. I discharged 2004 and stayed away.

Back to MSDF

My second time back was August 2015. I knew it would be a long ride and with a sex offense case, the ride will only become rougher. I was involved with a lot of partying, drugs and liquor. I came across a female (white) who said she was 22 years old but was really 17. But the things she did you would never believe she was 17. She smoked crack, cooked crack and enticed others to smoke crack. A long story short, she ran out of money and started to auction off her body for crack. She was a beautiful white girl. Of course I had sex with her.

The party was now over with. But she still wanted to party, and I told her I do not have any more crack, and I had to go home (Milwaukee) to get more. While on the highway her and her friends call to blackmail. They told me to give her an ounce and she wouldn’t go to the police and tell them that I had sex with her without her consent. Long story short, I didn’t give her the crack. She called cops, and I was charged with child enticement. I didn’t get no prison time. I got straight probation (it was a weak case).

But I wish I would have known how registering as a sex offender works. Because if I would have known, I would of went to trial. Because I am going through hell in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I can’t live or go anywhere in the city. My P.O. won’t let me around my own kids, nieces, nephews or grandbaby. Because of this case I ended up in MSDF 2015. I spent months  in MSDF while fighting revocation. I finally got out Aug. 8, 2017. … To me the Department of Corrections doesn’t care about us.

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