Celebrate the second anniversary of the #CLOSEmsdf Campaign!

RSVP: closemsdf2019.eventbrite.com

When our campaign first launched, people thought it was a joke. They thought we were taking on the impossible. Two years later, we’ve proven them wrong. Now, the question is not if, but when MSDF will be closed.

Join us on Saturday, July 13 to celebrate the second anniversary of the CLOSEmsdf campaign.

#CLOSEmsdf Second Anniversary Event
Saturday, July 13, 3pm – 7pm
St Benedict the Moor
1015 North 9th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233

RSVP: closemsdf2019.eventbrite.com

In just two years, we’ve brought the issue of mass incarceration to the forefront of the public discussion.

The policy changes that will be needed to depopulate and close MSDF now have widespread support. Governor Evers as well as Democratic and Republican legislators now support reducing incarceration for allegations and crimeless rule violations and expanding funding for community-based treatment alternative to incarceration programs.

We still have a hard journey ahead, but for now, we want to celebrate how far we’ve come with the community that has supported us all this way.

We will gather for food and fellowship, hear testimonies from national and local leaders, and hold a march from St. Benedict the Moor to the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility and Aurora Sinai Medical Center.

We will honor the eighteen lives that were lost and will renew our commitment to fight until MSDF is shut down!

We can’t wait to see you there.

RSVP: closemsdf2019.eventbrite.com

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