We will hold Governor Evers to his word.

Tony is coming to town for the State Democrat Party Convention on June 1, we’re gonna counter-demo him. Can you join us?
Please spread the word: https://www.facebook.com/events/471260090288417/

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is having their convention in Milwaukee on June 1st and 2nd at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino. We will be there to remind them of Governor Evers campaign promise to CLOSE msdf and decarcerate Wisconsin.

Governor Evers will be delivering a keynote speech at 6:40 PM Saturday. We will be outside, demonstrating and demanding Evers realign his policies with his campaign promises.

The full (tentative) schedule is online here, check for updates: https://www.wisdems.org/events/2019-wisdems-state-convention/convention-agenda-tentative
Our plan is to remain outside, on public property, but more details for the meet up spot will be posted here before the event.

Tony did a 180 turn on MSDF and other prison issues after winning the election.
– His proposed budget includes an $8.1 million investment over four years in the facility he said should close “as soon as possible”.
– His budget also expands funding, beds, and staff for the Department of Corrections, which he said he would shrink.
– He failed to even propose the $15 million expansion of treatment alternatives and diversions he told us he supported. This money would drastically reduce incarceration, leading to a large net cost-savings.

Tony’s “people’s budget” leaves many people out, and that’s unacceptable.

We must hold politicians accountable to the promises they make on the campaign trail, and right now, that means standing up to Tony Evers and the Wisconsin Democrats. No longer will we let them take the votes of black and brown community, of reformers in the religious community, or of advocates for incarcerated people for granted. We demand results.

Governor Evers can CLOSEmsdf!
Tony lied to us!

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