Letter from MSDF captive to Niel Thoresen at the DCC

The CLOSEmsdf coalition received this letter from MSDF, we reprint it, leaving the person’s full name off to protect their identity.

Niel Thoreson, Regional Chief for the Milwaukee office of the Division of Community Corrections

6 p.m. March 17, 2019

Mr. Thoreson,

I am going to be straight-forward with you and get to the point. . . . I ‘ve been here in “MSDF” for the past 3 months, waiting to start a “16-weeks-long program” that I’ve already successfully completed. I was locked up behind some poor decisions I made, because of my mental health dysfunctions. I asked my agent before coming to MSDF for some help with finding a psychologist, to help me gain proper coping skills, while I was in the community. But instead, there were giggles and her telling me to “look on the internet or google for some therapist.”

Here I am dealing with the adversities of living life with mental health complications, and no one cares to help. I guess the help comes to a conclusion of “lock his crazy-ass up!” One would rather see me suffer than try to help me.

Me doing prison time isn’t going to help me learn how to properly deal with the stresses of my mental dysfunctions. The only thing I am learning here is how to continue to survive in a “Maximum Prison.” … Today, a man died here. This place is not a healthy environment at all, on any level of living. I am afraid of this place. It’s scary here! We can’t even receive proper health treatment, when health complications came about. It’s sad! Very sad, Mr. Thoreson.

The outside community don’t even know the conditions that we’re living under. It’s very brutal in this place. I am sitting here serving no purpose at all. My allegations are nonviolent allegations. Why must I serve just about 7 months in prison behind trying to get help for my mental health dysfunctions? I tried getting help, but was looked at as if the matter wasn’t important at all. So I resorted back to what I was used to, when coping, which was drugs and alcohol. I didn’t hurt no one! I didn’t run away from “Joshua Glover!” I didn’t verbally abuse my agent or anything in that nature. What I did, was what many are legally doing, right now, here in Wisconsin, every day of the week – smoking weed and drinking.

Also, for those who are on supervision, the maximum penalty for doing the things I’ve done is 90 days on a sanction, at the “house of Correction.” . . . Why is it, that I have to serve 7 months in prison, or possibly be revoked of my supervision, because I struggle with mental health complications? This isn’t right at all. I don’t deserve this type of cruel and unusual punishment! I am a human being who deserves to be treated with proper care and respect, just like normal people are being treated and respected out there in the world! I deserve to live, just like every other human being does. I deserve to live life without being looked at as “the less” or an “uncontrollable animals.” … What type of help am I receiving from this cruel place? None at all! Can I please live life? Can I be reunited with my family? Can I enjoy life with my mother before she passes away? Please!!! I am no harm toward my community. I am no different than those who are dealing with the same type of mental health conditions, who doesn’t have a criminal record. I don’t deserve to be treated like a “wild animals” who has killed other animals. I AM HUMAN!!!!! I deserve to be treated like a human. Please, release me from here, please! I need the help of a psychologist, and not a cement cell with steel and metal doors, with steel toilets and sinks. I’ve done enough time. It’s no help to me. I want to live life outside of prison. Can I have the chance to live, please?!

Thanks for your time,


Niel Thoreson’s reply to E_______


To: E_______

Dear Mr. ________,

I am replying to your letter, which is dated 03/17/19.

In it, you ask to be released from custody to participate in outpatient substance use disorder treatment.

I have reviewed your current status as well as past efforts that have been attempted to provide you with the tools to avoid decisions that place your ongoing liberty at risk. This exercise has led me to conclude that requiring you to participate in programming with MSDF is appropriate and necessary.

I am hopeful that you find the intervention in which you are presently engaged beneficial and obtain maximum benefit from the experience.

While I anticipate that this is not the response for which you were seeking, I trust this reply provides you with additional clarity.


Neil L. Thoreson

Regional Chief-Region 3

Letter from E_____ to CLOSEmsdf:

7:58 p.m.

March 28, 2019.

I would like to take the moment and opportunity to thank each and every person who is helping to put an end to the wrongful ways of the Department of Corrections. . . . I really appreciate the hard work and great effort that is being put forth to stop the madness.

I know that this is just the start, toward the finish of this horrible and cruel treatment. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything that I can do to help. I attached a letter that I wrote to the regional chief and his response to my letter. I appreciate the time and help that you all provide.



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