In Memory

Since the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF) opened in 2001, eighteen people have died inside its walls and cells:

Wallace Williams, Died:4/17/02
Robert McKinney, Died: 1/24/03@DCI
Cynthia Smith,  Died:2/5/04
Rodney Thornton, Died: 1/15/06
Russell Murray,  Died:6/1/06
Moses Black, Died:3/28/07
Jose Casarez, Died:10/27/07
Myron Weston,  Died:7/28/09
John Olson, Died: 1/10/11
Jeremy Cunningham,  Died:6/22/11
Peter Fengier,  Died:7/29/12
Jamie Medina, Died: 9/8/14
James Daczyk, Died: 6/14/15
James Wilborn, Died: 8/29/15
Michael Moore, Died: 7/26/16
Jesse Davis, Died:3/21/17
Bruce Morgan, Died: 3/24/17 @AuroraSinai
Bill Leary, Died: 3/17/19

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