Ramerro: I can barely breathe throughout the night

My name is Ramerro, and I am a registered sex offender. Right now I am sitting at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility. The reason I am here is because I decided to go on the run, due to the fact that my probation agent was trying to put me on a homeless bracelet. Now the reason I didn’t agree with her decision is because I had and still have my own house. And the only people that stay with me are my two kids (who are boys) and their mother.

Now before any of this happened, I was told by my agent to ask the SOT (sexual offender training) teacher if it was OK and what did he think. He looked at me straight in my eyes and told me that if my case isn’t against my kids or their mother then I should be able to live at my home with my family with no problems. But my agent disagreed and said no just because I told her that me and my kid’s mom argue sometimes.

If you ask me, that’s really not a strong reason to keep a man or woman from their family. Here I am right now living in a two-man cell with three men in it. And I’m the one sleeping on a boat on the floor. I have no space and I can barely breathe throughout the night. So just imagine what me and other inmates are going through. I feel like the state of Wisconsin and DOC, agents are getting away with too much. It needs to be stopped now before it gets worse.

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