Carlos: This is not for humans

I’m locked down in this place and it is destroying my life in many ways. The good thing that I have going is I believe in God and I’m strong during this hard time. Yes, I have sinned many times in life and made many mistakes that caused me my freedom by landing in jails and prisons all over this state and other states as well, since I was 14 years of age.

And every time that I made mistakes and got incarcerated, I have always made big changes in life, to get out free and be more successful. It has taken me many years, but I won’t give up on changing for a better life.

No contact with the world

Some of us are here with no contact with anyone in the world. In my situation when I got caught, they took all my money. Now I’m broke, hurting in here. No money for phone calls, no canteen, no contact whatsoever with my family and loved ones because I don’t know how to get a hold of them, without money for the canteen to buy envelopes, pens, paper, writing supplies and phone calls.

These people here know how to block us from connections to the real world. The only free thing they give us here is two free orientation envelopes, two pieces of paper, one pencil and toothpaste/brush, other than our three free meals.

After that, it’s hard to make it. No free calls, not even from the social workers when they should be here to help us.

Unaddressed medical situations

Many more things that drive us to be hurt, think negative, we suffer. Some of us get angry at everything, cry, get scared, feel held hostage by MSDF. And I don’t even feel safe with medical at all. Like in my situation, I get seizures, had head concussions in the past, a semi-stroke and many other health issues. And even my heart. It’s all there in the medical records. But yet they got us trapped in a cell 21 hours a day with no daylight, which can drive anyone crazy. We have no windows to look out, 3 men in a 2-man cell with no room to walk because they have this thing called boat that they put in our way on the floor for the third inmate to sleep or lay down on like it was a bed.

I complained many times because of my medical problems with seizures, and they don’t care. And the water in my cell only drips out for like 3 seconds at a time. Not enough to drink, even though the doctor recommended for me to drink a lot of water because of my heart.

MSDF is run like a maximum security prison

This place should be not running at all. I’ve never been in a facility like this and this should be for inmates facing revocation on probation. But they sure find a way to keep us here after revocation. I should’ve been transferred out of here by now to Dodge Correctional Institution, where I’d be a level 4 inmate, low custody with more freedom. So why am I still here doing triple max status time? Not even max prisons are run like this place.

They do this to us and throw us in the real world hurting, so we can find a way back here. In my situation, I started selling drugs because I couldn’t find a job right away when I got out in April 2017 … no house, no car, or no way to eat or make it in the world. So I took I upon myself to sell drugs to make money for a place to live.

Now after so many years of in and out of jails and prisons, I’m going to take this fully to the heart and vote and work to close places like this. This is not for humans. It is human cruelty.

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