Mario: It’s time to wake up Milwaukee

Medical condition ignored

My experience at MSDF was not good. For one, I told them about my dry skin problem and it was ignored. It seemed like I put three doctor slips in with no response. I had eczema. I told them this and I had to get in the water to stay clean so my skin got extra dry. I used hydrocortisone on the streets. Plus my skin in here started to scar on my face and back and legs. I felt so ugly.

Problems with cell mate

Already we can’t breathe real air, on top of that my aunt passed and they put me in a cell with a person who was trying to reach the hole here so he can fast pace his time to prison and be to himself. So he started shit with me all the time. I ignored him because it’s my first time being here. I didn’t need any problems. On top of that he was white. I don’t have a problem with race; I have a problem with people abusing authority. When I ring the buzzer that’s in the room I explain the problem. When we were let out for lunch he said that was nothing he could do first day.

I went and prayed with some inmates because I didn’t want to xxxx him up. It went on for two more days. Some inmate workers knew me and put a bug in the sergeant’s ear about me doing well and succeeding in my mission I’m on and I was removed from that cell.

Mario: I feel unhuman at times

It’s a lot of frustration here. A lot of family members broke bad while here. A lot of family members that done passed. A lot of our wives that done strayed away. So trying to take care of ourselves properly in here is especially hard when needs aren’t met, when trying to keep skin up, proper tooth paste, etc. The list goes on.

We are locked up so much in the cell I feel unhuman at times.

Probation is a trap

Probation is a trap for the system to make money. It’s a scam because they create more crime on the street. I was doing very well: job, home, car. I lost it all by being on probation. Anybody can call and lie. You can have an argument texting with someone you’re with and it can be a misunderstanding, nothing physical, and you’re gone four years like me.

Trying to make a difference

There’s a lot of guys like me who want to do better in life. I’m here as we speak trying to make a difference in this hellhole. First time here, first time going to prison, and I’m going to succeed because I’m a winner no matter what they try and label me as. I’m a human being with a better plan for my life and to become a youth counselor to help young brothers and sisters succeed in life and not become a victim of the system. Reach one teach one, it’s time to wake up Milwaukee.

Luv, Mr. Mario [ ].

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