Henry: I got jumped and brutally beaten in MSDF

Getting back on track after release

I got out of prison Feb. 23, 2016. Upon my release I enrolled myself into a program called OARS through WCS. I volunteered to be in the alcohol monitoring bracelet program, and I enrolled myself into an AODA program with a place called Family Focus. I successfully completed both. I also got a job at a barbershop. I was made a partner and still have position there. Feb 27, 2017 I got married.

Put in MSDF on a hold with no case

I thought it was a happy marriage until I found out of her adultery, then I asked her for a divorce. That’s when everything started going left. First that Tuesday she dropped me off at work then that Wednesday she got me served with a temporary restraining order at my job. I went to the 5th District MPD station to get escorted to our home to get my stuff. The next morning I called the 3rd District MPD station to get escorted to our home to get the rest of my stuff, but they wouldn’t let me get my stuff. So I called my P.O. to report this incident. She didn’t answer so I left a message. The next day my P.O. put a warrant on me. At 1:30 p.m. the police came to my job and arrested me for the warrant. I stayed in the county jail for about 2-4 days then I was placed in MSDF on a P.O. hold with no case.

Violence in MSDF

While in MSDF waiting for my hearing I got jumped by 4-7 inmates and brutally beaten. They fractured my right eye and my nasal passage on the right side. Then two weeks before the Revocation Hearing they served me another set of Revocation Papers.

Loss upon loss

I lost clients and income; I lost my property and I’m getting an annulment.

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