Dontez: My experience of MSDF

As I embark on this new path of life, God has shown me the great calling he has blessed me with, and to be a part of. I was given a few guidelines to follow, but God has led me to touch on a topic that is far more important than myself. The main focus of this entry to me is “my experience while behind the walls of M.S.D.F.”

At 24 years of age, I’ve seen men lose their lives… these men lose their lives to a system that is “freely” breaking the very laws that they have set to uphold the “safety” of the community. The state is substituting “rehabilitation” for “mass incarceration.” In this process our due process rights and our constitutional rights are being drug through the mud, as if to say we aren’t human beings.

The “Separation of Powers Doctrine” also is being treated as a joke, a mockery if you will. D.C.C./D.O.C./D.A.I./Hearing and Appeals have unlawfully taken on the right or role of the (Judicial Branch) of government in Wisconsin, and have taken on a “Hitler” (dictatorship) frame of mind. I see Wisconsin statutes broken day in and day out, by the same individuals that are “sworn” in to “reform” a human being. Instead they treat us as something lower than a “menstrual” dog. It hurts. It is sickening to see my fellow brethren, who have been on the same “extended supervision” since 2003 and haven’t earned a new case since 2003, amendments violated. The Wisconsin Statute 943.01 is being broken at every revocation hearing without a conviction from the “real” court system. To look in a man’s eyes and see him almost give up hope, it changes your mind frame.

The struggle to reintegrate

Now, myself, I was placed in MSDF without a conviction by the court system (Glory be to God), allegations, hearsay. The struggle of trying to reintegrate into a system that claims Wisconsin is “felon friendly” decreases your mental toughness daily. I myself have been hired on more than three different occasions, just to start the job (that I was told I was highly qualified for) and a week later to be fired, because of “my felony conviction” from the past. These prior convictions continue to change the dynamics of my life…. I know now for the greater good I must endure… WE must ensure for the sake of God. He has given me a testimony and a command to further the gospel. To spread the word, push and pray for the coming revival, to free the captives! God asked me one night, “Do you know how many apostles, preachers, bishops, evangelists, tongue-talkers, people who bring forth prophesy?” Then he told me they need to be set free! The places of bondage that hold God’s people, not just M.S.D.F, but places alike.

Thank you

God Bless

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