Deon: No medication and sleeping on the floor

I was sent to MSDF on Oct. 29, 2017. I told the nurse I am taking two medications for my seizure disorder. As I was moved upstairs on 8 south cell, I had been asking and asking about my seizure medication, I had also talked to the corrections officer about my seizure medication. They would go to the nurses and ask them about my medication. They say the nurses said they don’t have nothing for me. I did not receive my seizure medication for four days, which is too long. People have died from having a seizure without medication. It should not take them four days to give me my dose of seizure medication.

In MSDF I had to sleep on the floor in a “boat.” I have not been getting good sleep. I had been so depressed and so stressed out. My loss is that I lose spending time with my family and looking for a better place.

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