Boston: MSDF is unsanitary and unliveable

The struggle to reintegrate into society is real

On my current case/incarceration, I did not have an initial term of confinement, seeing as how the sentencing judge saw fit to give me probation. However, this is not my first incarceration and I know all too well the “struggle” of trying to re-integrate back into society after being in prison, not once, but twice.

I can honestly say on both occasions (being released from prison), I failed horribly on my quest to succeed. After spending over three years of your life in a Wisconsin State Prison, returning to the same environment, now in an even worse state financially than when you left, it’s a real challenge. What all the programs, all the facilitators and probation agents fail to realize is that we, being fathers, husbands, and at one time sole providers for our families, have been gone for a substantial amount of time. So, we feel obligated to make up for everything that’s been lost, all the years our children went without, our wives have struggled “alone” to provide for our seeds. So it is easy to fall victim to circumstances. The D.C.C. focuses more so on discipline rather than implementing “successful” programs, rehabilitating the offender.

Corrections programs not addressing many and real needs

Don’t misconstrue my notion, it is a fact that the D.C.C. has resources available to help one obtain employment. But, when you’re faced with homelessness, unemployment, lack of support, poverty, lack of self worth, and for many, psychological disabilities, the programs offered by the D.C.C. cannot begin to be deemed successful.

It was no time before I sought to return to my life of drug dealing to provide for my family to make enough to, “in my mind,” make up for my past negligence. I tried the “straight and narrow” for a moment, but I quickly realized that working for the temporary agency (Staffing Partners) being sent to Quad Graphics for 12 hour shifts, only three days a week, wasn’t going to cut it. After taxes and child support I was left with near to none.

MSDF is an unlivable environment

On both my trips back to prison (on revocation)—please note that I had not reoffended. I was sent back to prison because the D.C.C. deemed me “uncooperative” on my parole, thanks to several rule violations. But on my current visit to M.S.D.F, I did re-offend, falling victim to circumstance, by selling drugs.

Although my reasoning for being here is substantiated (in this term) the experience here has been the same every time.

M.S.D.F., in my opinion, defines the statement “cruel and unusual punishment.” Please note that in no way am I the type of man to complain, be combative, nor do I “rebel” against authority. It is my honest opinion that “we” (meaning ourselves) are our own authors of our circumstances. Meaning, it is my own fault that I am here. I’ve made decisions that landed me in jail.

But in any case, being an inmate does not constitute being subjected to unsanitary living conditions, extreme heat, poor and recirculated (ventilated) air to breathe, no exposure to fresh air or sun, for a lengthy period of time. We are subjected to the mood swings, alter-egos and plain out rudeness, if you will, of the staff here.

It is understood on my behalf that prison/jail is not supposed to be a vacation, but M.S.D.F is ridiculously outrageous!

Not to mention, being here, I’ve lost everything I had.

M.S.D.F, in closing, is, if not the, close to the only Wisconsin State Prison that should be deemed inappropriate and judged as an unlivable environment.


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