Kyle’s plea for help with addiction turns his life upside-down

My life was turned upside-down after turning myself in to MSDF. I was trying to clean my life up. I am a drug addict and I told this to my PO, before turning myself in. I was under the impression that I would only be doing a 90 day sanction. …

Well, after 60 days in MSDF, a lot of that time with three to a cell, which are made for only two, my celly set me up and I went down for intoxicants. I sat in the hole for 60 days for that. While in the hole, I missed my bed date [for a treatment program], so my PO came at me with my revocation paper for 2½ years. I told her I needed the [treatment program], and she told me no. Now after turning myself in to get help thinking I would only do 90 days, it turns into 2½  years.

‘A big hurt on my life’

I am a college student at MATC. I am missing that and work. I was working in food service. My kids are without their dad for 2½ years now and my wife is out there by herself. I lost my house. She can’t make rent by herself. I missed my grandmother’s death while locked up. My aunt has cancer and doesn’t have long to live. My mother is going to have heart surgery and I won’t be there. This put a big hurt on my life. And it could have been avoided with a simple ATR (alternative to revocation). Thank you for your time.

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