Kermit: Stop this madness

I was released from prison Feb. 7, 2017, and was doing well on parole – no police contacts, no positive drugs screens, I reported  to my agent regularly, etc. I found out that a family member was misappropriating my mother’s funds, so I confronted her about it, and ended up in MSDF for investigation. I’m now facing revocation of my parole.

MSDF has gotten worse

While here, I’ve noticed a lot of things have changed since I was here last. Requests to see authorities go unanswered. Fights often end up in pepper spray being used. Races to the phone is a daily occurrence. We’re assigned public “pretenders” who only show up on the day of a hearing or court appearance, not before, offering no reasonable defense.

Mental health issues unaddressed

The inmates here are getting younger, as well as suffering in silence from an array of mental health issues. I was under the assumption that MSDF was a stepping stone to corrections. Boy was I wrong. As I go through this transition, I’m wondering how far away is change. I’ve passed the worrying stage, now I’m wondering.

This place definitely needs adjusting, if not shut down all together. Being deprived of natural sunlight and fresh air is just part of the inhumane things I’ve experienced here. And the federal government needs to take a look at MSDF and its policies and procedures to stop this madness.

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