Kalvin: 3 people to a cell…can’t be legal

After being released from prison, Kalvin was proud of getting a job because he was trying so hard to stay positive and do the right things. But his parole was revoked and he was sent to MSDF for 18 months for allegations, but never charged with a crime. Here’s his experience with MSDF:

My experience at MSDF has been hectic due to my health issues (sleep apnea and carpal tunnel in both wrists, which leaves my hands numb for days) and due to being placed in a “boat” for a week. A boat is what they use as a bed in a cell that already has two people in it. Three people to a cell can’t be legal. And the fact that we are not able to go outside for fresh air at least one hour is against the law I know for sure, according to the United Nations standards. MSDF fails to adhere to this right of all inside here.

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