Jermaine: You feel less than human

My name is Jermaine. I was working and going to school online and trying to get myself and home together, while also trying to establish a better relationship with my children. Just being released from prison Feb. 14, 2017, put a strain on my relationship with the woman that I want so badly to marry. She has been in my corner every step of the way since we’ve been together. I’ve made mistakes with my using of drugs and got locked back up. I asked my PO for help and he said yes, but later came with revocation of my 11 months till discharge.

MSDF experience terrible

My experience at MSDF has been a terrible one. I’ve asked for help on different matters that can help me to better myself, with programs and treatments. The staff don’t answer requests, and when you see them they say write a request and send it to them (it’s never answered).

You feel less than human because of the way that they treat you. They don’t really understand that this behavior makes you act out toward them.

MSDF making things worse

I’ve lost out on bettering myself through school and raising my kids to be productive people in society. I’ve missed out on sharing moments with my wife-to-be and showing her how much she means to me. I’m not saying that I’m a perfect person. I do have my problems that I could use some help on. I try as much as I can to reach out and share my story with loved ones and friends so that they avoid going through the same issues.

I would like to thank EXPO for looking into the problems and issues concerning MSDF. The way that they treat you here is not helping you to solve your problem but making it worse to deal with.

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