James: Induced stress, cruel and unjustified punishment

My experience here at MSDF is similar, I’m sure, to the ones you’ve already read. That doesn’t mean I won’t be heard. We as prisoners are persons of their communities. As a member of a free society and one of the greatest governments on this planet. It’s appalling and unconstitutional how this state’s legislators are passing laws to put paroles and/or probation offenders back into a flooded prison system.

I’m not looking for excuses or not taking responsibility for my or others’ personal action. Of a truth, there are those among us here that need incarceration.

Held with no charges

There are many here incarcerated in the same manner as I am, without charges and only on hear-say. Before my PO hold arrest on July 18, 2017, I was an active member of society. I was working as a machinist making over fifty a year. Paying taxes and pursuing a marriage with a wonderful woman – the American dream – house, a wife, 2.5 kids, in my care, four instant lovely children.

Induced stress

Instead of the above pursuit of happiness, I am stuck in a battle for my very freedom. I have no charges, why am I here? I am locked down 21 hours a day. The cells are around 8 x 16 feet. There are two bunks, a toilet, sink and one table. Many times are forced to have three in this confined space. Isn’t there a square footage per person law? This is cruel and unjustified punishment The anxiety and social breakdown of individuals is very apparent in how offenders react to this induced stress. When I arrived at this pod there was one camera. I believe due to the excessive fights there are now four. I don’t balme my fellow society members who are deemed “prisoners.” I blame MSDF for the very breakdown of the human mental state, causing our flight or fight instinct to the forefront of our natural reaction.

MSDF has morphed into a mental breaking death causing facility

This MSDF I thought was for program needs, during its infancy? It’s matured into a mental breaking and death-causing initiative and needs to be removed!

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