Terrence: No one in my corner

My name is Brother Terrence. I am incarcerated at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF) for being AWOL from my parole officer (PO). I am on paper for aggravated battery. I am serving two years on paper, supervision, regular parole.

Why I went AWOL

I felt my PO is not in my best interest for me. For eight years I’ve been homeless, jobless and my health is poor due to her lack of support. So I run from her ‘cause all she wants for me is groups and programs that don’t fit my need to be successful in life. I have no clothes. I have no money. I have no family or support. So I run back to the streets the best way I know how.

Back to MSDF

So she [my parole officer] always locks me up. I was doing well at one point while I was on the run from my PO. I had a job but my girlfriend’s mom don’t like black people so she called in on me and that’s how I got back locked up. Me and my PO don’t see eye to eye. She wants me to do things her way and I have to earn things my way. So instead of being out looking for a job, going to school, getting an apartment, I’m stuck locked up wasting time and my health.

No one in my corner

I was in a program and I was doing good…no warning at all I got in a physical altercation with one of my roommates and he did not care at all about getting kicked out. I did, so I tried to do what was best and talked to him. He didn’t want to talk. He wanted to fight. So he put his hands on me twice and then I reacted. We wrestled. No punches were thrown but I did restrain him by putting him in three different head locks and he still wanted to fight. So I talked to my case worker. To make a long story short, as I was talking to the supervisor, she felt that I could no longer be in the program due to my causing a fight that I tried to avoid. No warning on my end. All my work was done and turned in on time. I did everything right with no other choices. She kicked me out. I had no one in my corner, not even my case worker and she knows how well I I was doing but still no support. So what am I to do? Thank you for your time. God bless.

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