Leonard: It’s all about some money

I’d like to start off by saying I was incarcerated for some time here at MSDF. I don’t like it one bit. I’m here because my agent put a no contact on me and my wife. It’s very difficult to not be around someone you love and going to be with for the rest of your life. I was at home when the police came to our home about a DV. There was no DV going on. It was already hard for me as a black male being released from jail on probation. I tried to get a job but no luck. Never even got an interview.

My agent didn’t try to help me find employment nor treatment for my temper. Now I’m back in jail. She feels it’s best to revoke me for a year of my time.

‘The living here is no good’

This MSDF place is no joke. They keep us in our room for 20 hours a day, 24 hours on training day. The living here is no good. The walls need painting. There is mildew. They don’t have enough clothes for all of us. Then they have three of us in a room at times, making it even harder to move around.

Tearing up homes

Dealing with this jail stuff tears up my home. I’m no longer able to see my wife nor talk to her. I can’t get visits from my kids or help them when they need me the most. I can’t find a job nor support my family from behind these walls. It’s just horrible. I don’t see how they get away with some of these things –locking people up for nothing.

No help to the community, or the inmates

MSDF is not helping the community at all. The probation agents find the weakest allegations to lock you up on. They are not fair, not one bit.

I understand why people are trying to close this place. It’s not helping the people behind it. As I see it, it’s all about some money with these people and all business. They’re not trying to help the people they have in front of them.

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