Avery: This is my ordeal

First time in MSDF

My first traumatic experience dealing with MSDF [Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility] began in 2009: I was removed from the streets for failure to report and a retail theft case I had picked up. Because of those administrative violations, my P.O. asked for 18 mos. Revocation, and it was affirmed by an administrative law judge, and the circuit court Judge Konkol.

Losing my house and possessions

In the interim, I lost my residence and all my earthly possessions in that house. I had tried to fight the revocation because Probation/Parole was asking for so much time. At least 7 mos. passed during my revocation fight because my final revocation hearing was rescheduled at least two times. By then I was told I didn’t have enough time to go to Dodge, thus I was placed on the 9th floor of MSDF for the remainder of my time.

 16 months with no sunlight

I spent 16 months inside the MSDF building.

Released with no resources, no help

After my release from MSDF in 2010, I had no home, no money, and nothing but the clothes on my back. I had discharged so I had no P.O. to lean on for resources. I wandered the streets and slept where-ever I could — including outside at times — until in my frustration I started back into a life of crime again to put money in my pockets. I didn’t know about food banks and clothing banks because I wasn’t informed before my release from MSDF in 2010. I couldn’t see myself going on Job interviews with the shabby clothes I had on. Thus I went back into what I knew best. I must add that I wasn’t offered any ATR [alternative to revocation] treatment before I was revoked.

Present MSDF incarceration, Oct. 1, 2017

I have a scheduled Final Revocation Hearing on 10/12/17. Two previous Final Revocation Hearings (8-3-17 and 9-6-17) were cancelled, I was told by corrections Field Supervisor, because my state-hired public defender requested an adjournment. I knew nothing of these adjournment requests until I filed complaints.

The reason I filed complaints for a speedy revocation hearing, or for my immediate release, was because my Maximum Discharge date had elapsed on July 24, 2017!  I had been arrested on June 21st, 2017 for failure to report to an April 28, 2017 office visit, and a retail theft citation. (Not even Two Months!) Yet because of these two so-called violations my P.O. is asking for 6 mos 5 days revocation.

I had written a letter that was received by a Corrections Field Supervisor to remind her that my Maximum Discharge date of 7/24/17 had elapsed. She sent me a reply dated 9/28/17. These are her written words: “Mr. [ ], as you are in revocation status your time has stopped, which means your case status will not change until the attorney law judge makes his/her decision at the final revocation hearing. You will not be released pending the final revocation hearing, which is scheduled for 10/12/17 at 10:00 AM.”

To this date (10/1/17) I have been incarcerated over 3 mos. From my arrest on 6/21/17, even though I had been missing from my P.O. under 2 mos. And my discharge date has passed on July 24, 2017, and I’m still doing time.

I must add that I have never met my P.O. My case had been sent to the Port Washington office from the state office Building downtown. I had been told he would send me a letter to inform me of any office visits. I never received one in the mail. Or perhaps the letter had been sent elsewhere. Regardless, I didn’t change residence or phone number. He could have easily located me.

And my Retail Theft is a municipal citation, NOT a criminal charge. Yet my P.O.’s office is seeking revocation.

MSDF conditions: pungent, noxious, crowded

My time here has mostly been spent with three inmates in a cell the size of a small bathroom. We literally live in our toilet, with one of us sleeping near the floor right next to the toilet. We have NO walking space. During the warmest days, body odors and waste is extra pungent, yet we can’t seek relief because we are locked in. Sometimes noxious fumes plume from the rusted out vents in our cell, which we have no choice but to breathe in, if we want to live.

Sometimes tempers flare being in such close proximity to other men. Fights have started on the unit, mostly due to feeling like caged rats, and inmates have been hurt. I have had at least three cellmates with some type of mental illness. One of them was “a cutter.” He had scars on both his arms from previous slashings. One night he had a mental crisis and threatened to “spray the walls with blood.” He had a spork jabbed at the crook of his arm. I was locked in with him. I didn’t know if I’d be NEXT. And the corrections staff was reluctant to come get him. They tried to call his bluff.

I tried to use the proper chain of command with interview requests whenever I had problems with disturbed cellmates, or about other problems on the unit. But most went unanswered, or the issue was passed to another department that informed me there was nothing that could be done.


I am on Maximum Security UNIT. My current convictions are retail theft and bail jumping. Both misdemeanors. Yet the unit manager sent me a letter saying my “Compass assessment gave me a high violent recidivism score.”  He claims this score gives me a high internal classification score. I guess being a sneak thief puts me in the same category as murderers, rapists and gangbangers.

My other issue is my left knee. I had surgery on it years ago. (Pins, reconstructive therapy, etc.) Lately it has been swollen and giving out on me. I have bouts of uncomfortable pain. The med Staff here asked me on a scale of 1 To 10, what was my pain level. I told them at least an 8. They have given me generic, weak pain remedies, and told me there was nothing more that they could do for me, that I would have to deal with my issue on the streets. I have been asking for weeks for a knee brace because my knee is giving out on me. To this date (10-1-17) I have been given nothing. Even though the med staff has recognized that my knee joint is possibly deteriorating.

This is my ordeal

My time here has been very traumatic. I don’t know when I’m going home. Even though my Maximum Discharge date has passed on 7/24/17. I don’t know how “Administrative law” can have governance over state statute so-called “Truth-N-Sentencing.” This is my ordeal.


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