Randall: MSDF is a devilish hellhole

I’m very interested in joining the fight against injustice with the EXPO organization.

Unwelcoming community

On April 18, 2012 I was sentenced to 4 years confinement and 2 years extended supervision. I was released from prison July 7, 2016. During my release from prison my parole agent didn’t help me with the resources that were supposed to be provided for me. I wasn’t able to get a job due to me being a convicted felon. The community didn’t accept me and hasn’t showed me signs of support.

Missing out on children growing up

I have missed out on my three beautiful children growing up and I have lost loved ones that mean everything to me. I have missed my children’s birthdays and holidays and the rest of my life. That’s time when I could be a successful member of society and be a positive role model to the community and my loved ones. That’s time that I can’t give back. The Department of Corrections really has taken a total affect on my life and my livelihood as a man. I have lost my care that I worked hard for. I have lost things that I was successfully a part of that could’ve made a huge and positive impact in people’s lives.

Imprisoned for alleged rule violations

I am currently at MSDF for three allegations that brought me back here:  one was a violation of missing an office visit and another was a report to my agent saying that I was supposed to have pulled my fiancés hair.

MSDF ruins lives

This place, MSDF, has been a total disaster to my life. It’s a very sad, depressed, stressful and very heartbreaking. MSDF has not helped me with my health issues. I have been shot in my left leg and I am on the top bunk and the cells are the size of a closet. I have been on a plastic “boat” [improvised bed] that’s very uncomfortable.

A pathetic, horrible, hopeless place

Being at MSDF has caused hopelessness instead of headache. It has caused weakness instead of strength. It is a place of humility and discouragement. MSDF is a very pathetic and horrible place to be. MSDF hasn’t been healthy. It’s not good for anyone to be a part of this devilish hell hole.

This has to stop. We must stop all the mental, physical and verbal abuse with this congested environment. I hope that this letter helps change peoples’ minds about convicted felones and men who made careless mistakes that we have done in our past.

The fight with justice is not over. It’s just beginning. Let’s win EXPO! Thank you so much.

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