MSDF inmate Evan ready for change

I would like to tell you about my experiences with MSDF. I was locked back up on a P.O. hold and revoked in 2015 with no new case for 18 months, which I did in MSDF on the ninth floor.

It was hard doing that time there because this is a building inside a building with no fresh air or contact visits. So I was unable to get shine light, fresh air or hug my daughters. While doing my time I lost the bond with my daughters and their mothers. I lost the chance to work and make a better way for myself and my family.

So I was released June 28, 2016. I was homeless again and jobless. I refused to work at a temp service, so I worked hard at finding a job and I did at Wendy’s. I was happy that I was working and I was able to take care of my daughters. I met a beautiful woman inside and out and I moved in with her and we just had a daughter. Now I’m back in MSDF facing revocation, and losing everything that I’ve worked hard for. I feel that once I’m released I will be faced with the same things I’ve always been faced with all because POs have the power to take everything I worked for away. I’m tired of that and I’m tired of MSDF. I need change!

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