Trevell put in solitary after GSW surgery

I have been an inmate at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF),  located in downtown Milwaukee since 6-15-17 on a violation of probation hold. I was told I was revoked for being present at a shooting, and I was a victim of the shooting. While going through a healing process from getting shot in my back and fighting for my life at the hospital, I had to continue to fight for my freedom too. I became depressed and frustrated because I wasn’t getting the correct and proper health care I deserved from recovering from three surgeries. I tried to stay humble and prayed for better days, but it only got worse for me at MSDF. I discovered I was suffering from PTSD and depression.  Instead of talking to doctors about my problem, I was given meds I never asked for.

Realizing I was getting revoked for 1 year, I became angry with 42 staples running up my stomach. I was having a rapid loss of weight and my time here continued to get worse. I was sent to solitary confinement, also known as the Hole, because I refused to get placed on a boat (a plastic sled-type thing) and sleep on the floor with two other inmates when I had hospital restrictions from my injury saying that I needed to  be placed on a lower bunk. I argued my situation with MSDF staff so I was sent to the solitary confinement. But I keep my head high and kept praying for things to get better. I was released from the Hole back to a boat. But as the saying goes “only the strong survive.” That’s a true statement when you’re an inmate being confined at MSDF. I refuse to let it break me. If almost losing my life didn’t, this place can’t and it won’t. I continue to pray for the better because if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. I have a future and vision but I have to overcome this nightmare.  I will continue to stay humble because I have a family waiting on my return from MSDF.

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