I just recently was released from this place (MSDF) on June 15, 2017. I got out, found a job right away (the same day) at TBA Towing, as an assistant repo man. I signed up for an associate’s degree in autobody/collision repair. All was well, until Aug. 16, 2017, when after going to see my agent on a scheduled meeting at his office on Port Washington Road, I was called back there a few hours later to turn myself in! I was told only that my son’s mom had called and made a false complaint on me that day.

This is my fourth or fifth time fighting revocations without any pending charges. All my life I’ve fought for my freedom. I am currently in a battle again. I”ve lost so much every time I am taken into custody and hauled off to prison just on allegations alone. I was only out 70 days after serving a year here for yet again allegations. I feel like giving up. In 2003 I was sentenced to “5 in, 7 out” for a robbery that I admitted being a part of. That sentence in full was done in 2012, but extended by agents/DOC every time I got revocated and sent back to prison, again without any charges. Now my discharge date is 2019 March, 7 years over the “out” time the judge sentenced me to in 2003!

MSDF is so stressful and inhuman. It’s designed to break us and convince us to sign off. Agents have the same power as a judge, and some way I am 100 percent sure this practice is against the law, somehow!? I’ve lost several (more than 15) loved ones when incarcerated. I lose someone close to me every time it seems like, sometimes two/three at a time. This incarceration is the only time I am putting up a fight as I am completely innocent. I am happy to have come across such an organization like EXPO. I just recently lost two good friends within two days of each other due to homicide here in Milwaukee. Yet I am not being treated for the side effects such trauma can bring while locked up and caged.

Upon my release I plan on continuing staying positive and faithful to my God. I just had a daughter a year ago (while I was in MSDF) and my goal is to teach her all the pros and cons of this world and shield her from all the negative elements of today’ society! I am not a bad person. I don’t commit crimes and if I could change one thing about Wisconsin’s extended supervision process, it would be to give back the power to lock up people on parole, probation and extended supervision back to judges, which is the normal process of our judicial penal system. Please include me in your movement. Use my story.

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