Allen: Process is unfair

Allen is an inmate of MSDF. He is on probation. He was previously incarcerated for domestic abuse and he accepted that jail time and used it to get his head and life together so he could be a better person and father to his children. He was put on probation for a couple of years with a court injunction not to have any contact with his wife. He was released and kept  all the probation rules. He had no contact with his wife. One day he went to a relative’s house just to visit. It so happened that his wife saw his car parked outside this house and according to Allen she called the police and as they were arriving she knocked on the door and when he came to answer it they met and she notified the police then and there that he was violating the noncontact rule. They looked him up on their computer and verified the no contact order and called Madison to get a holding order and immediately arrested Allen.

He is now waiting for his probation officer to investigate and to have a hearing, but he sits in jail because of a situation he did not intend or create but feels he was set up as a kind of act of revenge. The present applications of policy can mess up a person’s life and do so unfairly.

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