Shirley: It’s like being in a box

The reason I was in the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF) is because I missed one day of anger management. I had 40 some rules on my paper and I didn’t even understand some of them. I got 40 some rules – any rule you break you going back. You get a cell phone, you going back. If you be with another person and they a felon, you going back.

It’s like being in a box or a volcano and you got nowhere to go. It makes you feel like you are in the darkness. When’s the light going to come? That’s how I felt. It makes you feel like you are very lost.

When I got out, I was homeless. I had nowhere to go. I was fortunate that I had a godmother in the church to stand by me to help me because I was depressed. I wanted to take my life away. I felt like I was in a hole and I felt like there was no love there.

You are not alone

Get out and stand up and fight for justice and let your voices be heard. And let’s say enough is enough. It’s time to wake up and step forward and stop holding back. Don’t be afraid of nothing and fight for justice. I just want to keep fighting for justice and let those in prison know they are not alone. We are fighting for justice for them. It takes time — we can’t do it in a day. But we’re going to keep fighting for justice.

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